60 W Netzgeräte-Familie GTM96600 bietet Quasi-Konstantstrom/Konstantleistungoption, zertifiziert für Anwendungen im Haushalts-, Medizintechnik- und IT-Bereich

Globtek is introducing a quasi-constant current feature for it’s new 50 W family of power adapters, for use in battery charging type applications, when a customer application needs to operate with output power below the output voltage regulation point.

The new option allows for a 50W nominal constant power limiting level, between the rated output voltage level and 75% of the output voltage level, for battery charging and other types of loads which may momentarily overload the power supply and cause the output voltage to droop.

Standard models are listed in the table below. Custom models are also with customer selected output characteristics from 5V to 54V in 0.1V increments, and from 30W to 50W of nominal output power.

Model NumberNom Output VoltageNom Output Power LimitingMinimum Operational Output Voltage

Basic power supply output characteristic curve:

Basic power supply output characteristic curve

All models come with a large number of international safety approvals and EMC compliance. Regulatory safety standards include 60950-1, 60335-1, 60601-1 and 62368-1.

A 90-264Vac wide range input voltage is standard. Custom output cord selection, and specialized customer marking options also available. The AC input mechanical configuration is available as a Wall plug-in or an IEC320 power inlet. Contact Globtek USA corporate HQ at 201-784-1000 for more details

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