Produktänderungshinweis 2010.9.28.1

GlobTek announces revised construction of the AC spring pins on all changeable blade power supply models. All changeable blade power supplies, including but not limited to ITE and Medical models: GT(M)41076, GT-41078, GT-41052, GT(M)41060, GT-41062 and new Level V compliant models GT-41131, GT-41134, GT-41135, GT-41080, GT-41081.

Reason for Change: More durable construction to prevent the AC pins from becoming misaligned when Q-XX changeable blades are not inserted properly. The new “V-Pin” construction is designed to withstand the stress of misaligned Q-XX changeable blade insertion and prevent potential field complaints of “bent pins” or intermittent contact. This change will increase the cycle life of the power supply.

For full information see GlobTek's Product Change Notice 2010.9.28.1 (PDF)

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