Lithium Ion-Akkusatz zertifiziert nach IEC62133, 2. Ausgabe, 2600 mAh Kapazität, 18650 Zellengröße mit einer 3S2P Konfiguration beinhaltet On-Board-Ladegerät, Ladestandanzeige und LED-Nutzerinterface nach Kundenangaben, Modell BL2600C1865003S2PG2G

In response to a customer requirement for a specific battery pack, GlobTek designed a Lithium Ion Battery pack containing IEC62133 2nd edition and UL 1642 certified 2600mAh capacity 18650 size cells in a 3S2P configuration includes on board charger, fuel gauge, and customized LED based user interface.

The Samsung ICR18650-26 cylindrical Li-Ion battery based solution provides 11.1 Volts @ 5200mAh output to the system. The GlobTek designed battery pack solution incorporates a unique proprietary electrical design combining a fuel gauge and intelligent charger into the battery pack. Standard protection circuitry is also included. A manual switch operated visual fuel level indicator is also provided built into the pack.

The battery pack with integrated charger has an input of 18VDC and a current requirement of 2.5A and is designed for optimal operation when power by GlobTek’s GTM91099 series of power supplies. Input power is supplied to the battery pack via a 2.5mm male dc power jack mated with typical 5.5x2.5mm female barrel plugs. Output from the battery is via a customized output wire harness terminating in a Right Angle 5.5 x 2.5mm female barrel plug.

Customized and Bespoke plastic housings, Shrink wrap colors, input and output connections, optional digital controls and communications by SMBus or HDQ, Host controlled charger options, or other requests can be provided upon request.

GlobTek designed the Battery pack and electronic circuitry and has the capability to design and manufacture battery packs from all types and brands of batteries for all types of applications. Full battery pack manufacturing and testing facilities are available in GlobTek’s Suzhou, Jiangsu, China facility. GlobTek maintains a large range of customized and standard designs and tooling tooling available for customer applications as well as the ability to rapidly design and manufacture custom and bespoke solutions.

GlobTek is a power systems solutions provider with design and manufacturing facilities in the USA and China and sales offices in Germany, France, and the UK. Offering a line of power supplies for applications from gym equipment to medical systems, GlobTek can also develop and create custom power solutions for just about any application. GlobTek is located at 186 Veterans Drive, Northvale NJ 07647. For more information call 201-784-1000 or visit GlobTek online at

Made in USA option available.

5 year warranty on workmanship and electronics (excluding the cell)

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