Gültig ab 1.März 2007

Standard Code SJ/T 11363-2006 “Requirements for concentration limit for certain hazardous substances” and SJ/T 11364-2006 “Marking for control of pollution caused by electronic information” otherwise known as “China RoHS”, restriction of hazardous materials, is in effect and covering all electronic products. China RoHS legislation is largely equivalent to the European RoHS Directive, but does entail certain differences, which seem more demanding than the EU rules in some respects. The main difference is that there are no exceptions as there are in European RoHS such as Lead allowable in steel up to 0.35, aluminum 0.4, copper alloy 4%, etc. The Marking of ‘E’ in green color or orange color with necessary information on Electronic Information product is mandatory. GlobTek products largely meet the directive and appropriate documentation and marking has been implemented to meet the deadline of March 1, 2007. Please contact your sales representative for further details or inquires on China RoHS products.

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