GlobTeks externes Schaltnetzteil-geregeltes Ladegerät für IT und Medizintechnik, 16,8W mit symmetrischen 4,2 V/2A, Desktop/Netzstecker, bietet sicheres Laden von Li-Ion-Akkus und ist für die neuesten Freigaben gemäß den Vorgaben von WEEE, China RoHS, Ukraine GOST-R, VCCI, RoHS 2, PSE und CE aktualisiert!

GTM930482LI1C2000 represents GlobTek’s 16.8W hybrid desktop / wall plug-in charger family which is Internationally Certified and Approved LPS Class I or Class II Desktop Power supply and provides nearly complete global coverage for world export markets with the flexibility of changeable input plugs and certified non-Grounded Class II off the shelf stock solutions.

This high-density hybrid charger offers 2 custom independent Li-Ion charging channels, as well as three modes of operation: Pre-Charge, Fast Charge and Trickle Charge with typical charging currents during fast charge of 2.0A per channel! Charging status is indicated by RED and GREEN LEDs for easy monitoring.

The miniature 117.53x53.47x36.6 mm ITE and Medical universal input switching power supply model GTM930482LI1C2000ZML is available in either a Wall Plug-in or Desktop Configuration. The power supply may be supplied with factory configured or field installable changeable input blades in the following options:

  1. Class II model NEMA 1-15P AC power plug with 2 prongs, R-NA-2(R)
  2. Australian AS 3112 configuration: SAA 2 pins Class II, R-SAA-2(R)
  3. UK BS 1363 configuration: UK 2 pins (dummy Ground) Class II, R-UK-2(R)
  4. European CEE 7/16 configuration: Europlug 2 PINS, Class II, R-EU-2(R)

Standard cordsets for desktop version include:

  1. 6 FT North American 2 COND: SPT-2, 18/2, 6’, BLACK, UL/CSA, NEMA 1-15P to IEC 320/C7
  2. 2 M European 2 COND: H05VVH2F, 2X0.75, 1.8M, VDE, S, N, D, ect., CEE 7/16 to IEC 320/C7
  3. 2 M Australia 2 COND: H05VVH2F, 2X0.75, 2M, SAA, AS3112 to IEC 320/C7
  4. 2 M Japan 2 COND: VFF, 2X0.75mm2, 1.8M, PSE, JIS8303 to IEC 320/C7
  5. 2 M UK/Ireland 2 COND: H03VVH2F, 2X0.75, 2M, BSI, BS1363 to IEC 320/C7
  6. 2 M Swiss 2 COND: H03VVH2F, 2X0.75, 1.8M, SEV, CEE 7/16 to IEC 320/C7
  7. 2 M Italy 2 COND: H03VVH2F, 2X0.75, 1.8M, IMQ, CEE 7/16 to IEC 320/C7
  8. 2 M Demark 2 COND: H03VVH2F, 2X0.75,1.8M, D, CEE 7/16 to IEC 320/C7
  9. 2 M India/ Africa 2 COND: H05VVF 3x0.75, 1.8M, BS546 to IEC 320/C7 (YL-H03VVH2-F)
  10. 2 M China 2 COND: RVV (227IEC52), 2X0.75mm2, 1.8M, CCC, GB2099.1 (1996) to IEC 320/C7

The high-density power supply has an input from 100-264VAC 50-60Hz and 2 x 4.2V output @ 2A each, with a max power of continuous 16.8W. This product complies with North American Energy Star, Canadian NRCAN, and other worldwide requirements for Level V efficiency compliance and is produced in an ISO13485 certified facility.

In addition, a power supply version without charging circuitry option is also available and has an input from 90-264VAC 50-60Hz and a factory configurable outputs of 3.3v, 5v, 6v, 6.5v, 9v, 12v, 13v, 13.2v, 14v, 15v, 16v, 18v, 19v, 20v, 24v, 36v and 48v as well, as anything in-between with 0.1V increments with a maximum power of 60W continuous output.



Medical units are certified 2xMOPP (means of patient protection) which refers to two independent systems of insulation protecting the patient from dangerous voltages. A single insulating component can get this rating based on extensive testing. 2xMOPP certifications exceeds the requirements of 2xMOOP and this unit may be used for either application.

GTM930482LI1C2000 features Regulated output with very low ripple, built-in over-temperature, short circuit, defective and reverse battery protection as well as low leakage and high efficiency. This family of AC-DC converters is suitable for most applications requiring reliable Li-Ion Charging which include battery packs for medical devices, portable medical treatment and monitoring equipment and instruments, hospital equipment and fixtures, high power appliances or consumer products, VOIP phones and telecom equipment and are a perfect power source for multi-stage battery charging.

Bespoke, customized enclosure colors, housing designs, output cord types and lengths, as well as customized packaging, Open Frame or ruggedized to various degrees of Ingress Protection, such as IP52 versions are available upon request. According to BS EN 60529 and IEC 529, IP52 signifies that the medical (60601-1) power supply is Protected against dust - limited ingress (no harmful deposit) as well as Protected against direct sprays of water up to 15°C from the vertical. Test reports and certifications as well, as variety of other customizations or options is available upon request.

The power supply can be provided with customer designated output plugs, many of which are stocked at GlobTek New Jersey USA, Münster Germany, and Suzhou China locations. Made in USA or Made in China options available. Local China to China delivery is available upon request.

Industry – Leading 5 year warranty

Contact GlobTek for a wide range of other Internationally Certified Power Supplies and other Power – related products! 1-201-784-1000 or

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